Business Manager

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Business Manager
Leading Employer in the Oil & Gas Industry
Reports to Board of Directors

Company Objectives:

  • To sustain long term affiliate activities in line with market requirement and board guidance
  • To manage the Company’s in line with the strategy and the budget approved by the Board and in accordance with local legal requirements
  • To implement Company’s policies with an emphasis on Quality & HSE policies Deliver COMPANY’S services to external clients
  • Increase the Company’s market shares.
  • Collaborate with internal departments and teams to develop and implement training content for new hire training and onboarding and ongoing professional development
  • Ensure access and equitable processes related to training opportunities


Description and Expected Outcome/Performance Indicators


  • Develop the local activity
  • Prepare and submit commercial offers and/or tenders
  • Ensure that commercial and tenders are offered in a timely manner and at the most favourable commercial conditions
  • Ensure commercial offers cover taxes and cost associated with local regulations
  • Collaborate with internal departments and teams to develop and implement training content for new hire training and onboarding and ongoing professional development
  • Ensure access and equitable processes related to training opportunities

Expected Outcomes & KPIs:

  • Process 23 output and KPIs
  • Country turnover
  • Vessels utilization rates


  • Ensure PO are executed and supplier quality control, cost and contract duration are monitored
  • Identify critical services

Expected Outcomes & KPIs:

  • Process 13 KPI


  • Implement Client HSE procedure on board
  • Verify BB HSE procedure application on board vessel
  • Implement BB HSE procedure onshore
  • Run investigations locally
  • Report to client on HSE matters (CAP)

Expected Outcomes & KPIs:

  • Process 03 output
  • COMPANY’S HSE Targets


  • Process 036 KPI
  • Yearly objective set by Region


  • Responsible for implementing process approach
  • Responsible for promoting COMPANY’S guidelines & policies


  • Provide support to the MD as requested in the organization in order to:
  • Responsible for complying to internal and legal regulations regarding business management

Expected Outcomes & KPIs:

  • Process 25 outputs Manage relationship with authority in country and other country as applicable
  • COMPANY’S HSE Targets


  • Zero non-conformity


  • Ensure implementation of board decisions in Company’s actions plan
  • Ensure Company’s management in line with Partner’s vision
  • Report to the board any local environment changes (social, economic, legal) that may affect Company’s strategic vision
  • Report regularly Company’s activity to the board
  • >



  • Realize: Ability to deliver results and take initiatives, decision-making process based on facts / data
  • Process approach: Knowledge and understanding of industry standards and regulations. Understanding of the organization's functioning and process-oriented approach
  • Entrepreneurship spirit: Know how to create research and seize commercial opportunities (customers, market, partners). Know how to make decisions despite uncertainties
  • Governance, CSR & Compliance: Understand your responsibilities with respect to regulations. Ensure that governance is established within its perimeter. Realize a socio-environmental watch, promote a CSR culture


  • Know how to manage customer relations (internal and external): understand needs, build / develop relationships, influence, propose value-added solutions, collect and evaluate customer opinions


  • Contract management: Knowledge of the OSV and Crew Boat sectors (business, contracts, technical) and know how to manage service delivery, customer relations and contract administration. Being the sole interlocutor, evaluating quantity, quality, cost and value, ensuring continuity of service, monitoring documentation and modifications, identifying opportunities for improvement.


  • Creation and management of networks Know how to develop internal and external networks: identify key contacts, develop and maintain relationships of trust over time. Use your network to identify new opportunities.


  • Business Law: Knowledge of business law and contract law

HSE Culture

  • Know how to promote and direct HSE culture and awareness within its area of responsibility.


  • Knowledge of different OSV operations techniques.


  • Know the industry standards: OVID, OSM, ISM, IMCA. Know how to perform a self-evaluation of the OSM in relation to its area of responsibility


  • First Degree, A Master’s Degree in Oil & Gas or a related field will be an added advantage
  • Experiences 5 Years in Marine/Oil &Gas Industry + 5 Years in a Management position

Additional Information

Sole representative of Organization in Ghana through his affiliate. Company will primarily work for Organization as Business Manager / Company’s representative and will provide support to other Organization’s affiliates operating in Ghana.

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