Operations Manager

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Operations Manager

Tropical Plaza Investments Limited

Job Summary

Detail-oriented in Cars with a history of excellent customer service reviews. Adept in interacting with customers maintaining ongoing customer relationships and efficient processing of customer rental contracts. Specializes in strong relationships a comprehensive explanation of the rental agreement with each client and understanding of the company computer system.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work closely with customers and drivers to make sure they understood their responsibilities
  • Responsible for inspecting vehicles when they leave with clients and when the vehicles are returned
  • Responsible for answering incoming calls and arranging rentals for new clients
  • Act as liaison between front showroom and the maintenance team that care for the vehicles
  • Handle customer disputes and maintain customer confidence in the company
  • Assist in determining which cars should be auctioned
  • Maintain strong and positive relationships with existing corporate and private customers
  • Explain company promotions to incoming callers and helped to arrange rental schedules
  • Develop transportation policies across appropriate units within the firm
  • Appoint competent transportation staff. This usually involves carrying out interview, selection, training, and performance appraisal of every transportation personnel
  • Negotiate with warehouse owners or operators and carriers for their services and for fair rates
  • Conduct necessary investigation(s) to determine the cause of problems like accidents (if any arises) and to set up safety measures to avoid recurrence of such issues
  • Develop and implement plans that will lead to improvement in company profit
  • Implement management recommendations, like proposed fees and change in movement schedule
  • Maintain open dialogue with other units’ managers so as to organize activities that will enhance company’s general performance
  • Take charge of investigations that look into customer complaints with regards to product delivery and other transportation-associated issues
  • Make recommendation for the acquisition of new equipment or the replacement of old ones

Key Skills

  • Trained in several rental computer program platforms
  • Excellence in customer service multiple award winner
  • Loss prevention
  • Office management
  • Contract management
  • Comprehensive understanding of company policies
  • Experience successfully handing disgruntled customers


  • A minimum High School Diploma
  • A minimum of 2 years work experience

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