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This position will be located at the shore/logistics base and will provide materials and logistics co-ordination function to support well construction and project management (WCPM) activities.

Reports directly to the Drilling Superintendent.


• Minimum 20 years in the Oil & Gas Industry and at least 6 years as Senior Infra structure engineer and relevant Logistics Management experience.

• Operator experience, especially IOC, will be an added advantage.

• Experience in Inventory systems, Shipping and Warehousing


• Bachelor’s degree or higher diploma in any engineering or science discipline. Civil engineering will be a preference.

• BOSIET certification


Responsibilities include but not limited to: 

• The Infra-Structure and Shore Base/Logistics Manager is to lead, guide, advise and develop the infra-structure required to deliver the project including but not limited to shore base facilities, offshore logistics, management of inventory and co-ordination between rig contractor, service companies and the rig DSVs with respect to logistics. 

• Complete management of operator’s inventory, inspection, load out and load in.

• Handling of vessels at the port, ensuring berth availability, planning schedules for loading and releasing.

• Ensuring that the manifest is properly loaded including supply of water, fuel, barite, bentonite, cement and all other bulk materials. Manifest management with the vessel captains, prioritizing the loads etc.

• Co-ordination between the DSV on the rig, the office logistics team and all the service companies for load in/load out including short term storage and inventory. 

• Infra-structure development, establishment of the shore base for management of the entire logistics including bulk handling, casing storage, maintenance inspections.

• Support and assist in the waste disposal plan and management by coordinating between the rig, base and the environmental disposal companies. Ensures Waste is properly transported and disposed, to avoid environmental pollution. 

• Management of complete tendering process, developing scope of works, evaluating tenders, developing commercial criteria and helping contracts to select the vendor, then supervising the entire establishment of the shore base infra-structure and logistics requirements.

• Continuous improvement of the service delivery to field operations.

• In charge of all matters relating to Import and Export compliance. Be the focal point of contact for all logistics matters. Interfaces with internal and external customers, freight forwarders, custom clearing agents and customs representatives to ensure efficient, effective and repeatable service delivery.

• Ensures timely movement of goods at an optimum cost and in compliance with safety and statutory regulations.

• Ensures materials and equipment are properly packaged and secured for shipment

• Ensures efficient and timely turn around of vessels for operational efficiency

• Maintains proper records of Materials and equipment movements

• Provide timely update and information to all internal customers and alerts operations on any deviation from equipment movement plans to ensure adequate contingencies are in place.

• Responsible to analyze custom regulations and duty exemptions and free trade agreements where applicable to reduce cost of import and exports.

• Manages all transportation programs, third party logistics service providers, custom clearing agents, customs and regulatory compliance, supplier development and performance programs.

• Develop and continuously improve process flow, shipping guidelines for all modes of transport

• Deal with customs and local authorities on a day to day operational needs and ensure all import and export tariff codes are properly applied to all incoming and outgoing shipments

• Manages cost and overall performance through use of shipment consolidation opportunities, process improvements reviews and root cause analysis of deviations with corrections actions.

• Periodically improve knowledge of regulations through training and act as the knowledge holder

• Identifies and works on total cost reduction initiatives and carry out any other duty as assigned


• Leadership

• Ability to organize and multitask

• Commitment to continuous improvement and ability to adapt in an evolving work environment.

• Good Interpersonal skills, with ability to communicate with internal and external parties.

• Managing Change; Negotiating

• Must have good management skills and possess strategic and analytical thinking abilities

• Understanding of waste management

• Ability to liaise with and manage Contractors

• Understanding of cost-saving measures in marine logistics

• Excellent analytical, problem solving and organizational skills

• Demonstration of independent work initiative, sound judgment, diplomacy, analytical ability and professional demeanor

• Experience supporting different types of Drilling Operations.

• Understands the criticality of logistics to the well construction project

• Ability to work in a team, communicating with Peers and Superiors

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