Ghana Immigration Service extends medical examination to all immigration permit applicants.

The restriction on travel and movement is perhaps one of the most visible effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Expectedly, the pandemic is also affecting immigration regulations around the world. In Ghana, the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has recently announced an extension of its mandatory medical examination requirement to all categories of immigration permit applicants.


Previously, only applicants for fresh work and residence permits were required to undertake mandatory medical examination at the GIS Clinic. Thus, renewal applications for residence permits did not require physical presence of applicants for medical examination.


The GIS has extended the scope of its mandatory medical examinations to applicants seeking renewal of residence permits, indefinite residence permits, right of abode,
naturalization and other residence permit types. The GIS expects this to help curb the spread of infectious diseases in recognition of the increased health risks of the
COVID-19 pandemic.
The new measure took effect from 15 June 2020 and the medical examination must be physically completed at the GIS clinic in Accra. The official medical examination fee for
initial work and residence permit applications has also been increased from GHS 900 to GHS 1,100 and a fee of GHS 600 introduced for renewal applications.