Offshore Outsourcing Services

When it comes to your offshore outsourcing services, partnering with an outside expert can successfully transform your approach to deliver measurable business results faster.

We are engaged in providing high quality, reliable, prompt, and cost-effective offshore outsourcing services to our clients. We create value for our clients and give their business a competitive edge with the benefits that we offer.

Whatever your organization, whatever your industry, accessing specialist skills can be a vital part in ensuring your operations run smoothly. We offer you unrivalled expertise, experience and resources throughout our unique global network. As a result, we can provide you with the resources you need to achieve your goals, anywhere in the world.

Over the past years, we have built dedicated teams of professionals that deliver dramatic cost-savings and efficiency improvements for companies of all sizes, and across a wide range of industries.

Offload a business task, a process or a workflow to us and stay focused on scaling your business up while we manage all your business needs. We build your dedicated team according to your exact specifications and on our optimized 5-step approach that helps you to enjoy a stress-free corporate life.

Our offshore Outsourcing Services include:

  • Human Resource services: Talent acquisition, HR management consultancy, Payroll management, Training and Development
  • Customer Relations Management: Research and survey, Quality assurance, Customer support and feedback.
  • Sales: Sales Activation, Sales promotion, telesales
  • Marketing: Digital marketing, marketing research, branding, promotional decisions
  • IT and software operations: Web development, IT helpdesk, Software engineering, IT Consulting.
  • Finance and Accounting Services: Bookkeeping, General accounting, Revenue assurance, Project accounting, Project audit, Financial due diligence, Costing, Receivables collection, Corporate restructuring, Debt restructuring, M&A services.

Why our Offshore Outsourcing Services?

  • Experienced team with extensive business knowledge and compliance know-how across various industries
  • Standardized processes and consistent high quality
  • Innovative and comprehensive solutions for your specific business needs
  • Access to global networks with industry specialists
  • Strategize to meet changing business and commercial conditions
  • Creative business design skills with innovative technology



  1. Planning

Our project initiation phase include our strategic planning models used to set objectives and strategize our activities. The purpose of the planning stage is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business rules and confirm that the expected results are in alignment with the corporate goals. It is our road map to maximizing work output in your organization.

  1. Design & Development

We undertake research to provide options to our client in line with their corporate goals. We offer comprehensive service design that explains each aspect of the project to the overall objectives. We think through with the client to develop in developing strategies and to achieve customer satisfaction. We map and analyze the business processes and have a good picture of how things currently work.


  1. Implementation

We implement design after the approval of the client. We work to implement operational processes, technologies, and resource models to improve value-added activities in business process.  We are keen in ensuring each concept of the process is succeffuly implemented and improvement in the processes has actually taken place. We support our clients to strategically balance strategies and demands whilst achieving corporate objectives.

  1. Monitor & Evaluation

We monitor and evaluate to determine the efficiency of projects while using accumulated knowledge for overall improvement. We monitor the process brings greater success towards achieving the desired results and changes. We analyze using data to track the progress towards achieving its goals. We set key indicators to enable actions and outcome to define project success criteria.

  1. Feedback

With our effective reporting system in place, we can effectively steer operations toward process improvement. We provide our client with relevant data to drive decision-making, streamline workflows, and improve company processes. Our feedback improves client experience and empowers positive change in the business process.