Clinical & Quality Assurance Consultant

Vacancy Number: 23396
Location: Accra, Ghana
Date Posted: 8 September, 2023
Job Expires: 22 September, 2023

Our client is a non-profit organization whose mission for the last eight years has been to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes in the public health system. We work together with governments and Ministries of Health to deploy affordable and scalable solutions through public hospitals, where the majority of underserved mothers and babies receive care. Our client is seeking to recruit a Clinical and Quality Assurance Consultant can support mothers with essential information, triage clients who need urgent support, and ultimately, cost-effectively reduce maternal and neonatal mortality.


The clinical and quality assurance consultant will be part of the PROMPTS Ghana team. This person will provide supportive supervision to the PROMPTS Ghana Helpdesk team and processes to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of clinical content and practice on the PROMPTS platform. He/she will also contribute to the streamlining of processes on the platform to ensure that mothers’ concerns are addressed promptly, accurately, and appropriately.


  • Develop clinical and quality standards of practice for the PROMPTS Ghana Helpdesk. This includes the development and maintenance of standard scripts and a call quality assurance scorecard and checklist.
  • Develop and maintain call evaluation metrics and criteria for Helpdesk agents including but not limited to: Level of service knowledge, clinical education guidelines, issues resolution ability, the level of engagement with the clients, grammar, punctuation, and courtesy.
  • Listen in to some calls to ensure the Helpdesk standard operating procedures and scripts are followed appropriately and quality standards are met and score the General and Clinical Helpdesk agents based on the evaluation criteria.
  • Meet bi-weekly with the Helpdesk team to identify areas of improvement for the team based on Quality Assurance scores and organize or administer additional training for staff, as needed.
  • Work with the implementation research partner and the Jacaranda Health leadership team to identify common areas where additional support or resources are needed to improve performance. This can be done by analyzing weekly data.
  • Provide monthly reports on clinical and quality assurance, Helpdesk evaluation and areas of improvements of PROMPTS to the Program Manager and Helpdesk team in Kenya.


  • Volume of calls analyzed against incoming escalations.
  • % of team members meeting the set 90% quality audit on tickets monthly
  • % of team members meeting the set 90% quality audit on calls monthly
  • Timely monthly reports submitted to the program manager


  • Diploma/Bachelor’s degree in Nursing/Midwifery.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ relevant experience in clinical practice, research, medical content creation, maternal, newborn health knowledge and team management.

Technical Competencies

  • Skilled in the diagnosis and management of maternal and newborn health-related conditions in line with national policies and treatment guidelines
  • Experience in coordinating obstetric and newborn emergency referrals within the health system
  • Tech savvy, proficient in MS Office and G-Suite (Excel, PowerPoint and Google Sheets)
  • Health worker training and management experience
  • Quality assurance
  • Stakeholder engagement