Finance Manager

Vacancy Number: 21227
Location: Takoradi
Date Posted: 2 May, 2023
Job Expires: 9 May, 2023


Our client in the Construction of Commercial and Residential Properties is seeking to recruit a Finance Manager with over 8 years’ Leadership experience in Finance who will be responsible for Financial Planning, Forecasting, Legal Financial Practices, Cost reduction, Leadership and Team building.



  1. Monitor day-to-day financial operation within the organization.
  2. Perform financial management duties including generating financial data, compiling, and submitting reports, analyzing, and assessing the financial health of the company.
  3. Oversee the operations and development of the company’s finance department including creating and reviewing policies, budgeting, training, and conducting regular assessment of financial procedures.
  4. Advise on investment plans, monitor, and produce financial reports.
  5. Analyzing data and market trends to make financial predictions and maximize profit.
  6. Must maintain the highest level of integrity and company policy adherence. Leadership by example.
  7. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Must possess a master’s degree in finance or accounting.
  2. Minimum of 8years of experience in a financial management
  3. CPA or CFA certification is a plus.
  4. Proven knowledge of financial analysis and strategy.
  5. In-depth knowledge of financial reporting standards, tax regulations and industry legislation.
  6. Knowledge of financial reporting and data mining tools such as SQL, Access etc.
  7. Knowledge of Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  8. Must possess leadership skills with ability to train, evaluate, develop, and mentor employees.
  9. Must be self-motivated and goal oriented, Team builder.
  10. Must be flexible to adapt to unforeseen changes that might occur.
  11. Good communication and written skills.