Loan Officer

Vacancy Number: 22275
Location: East Legon, Accra
Date Posted: 22 June, 2023
Job Expires: 29 June, 2023


Our client in the Finance sector located at East Legon is seeking to recruit a Loan Officer on full-time employment with at least 2 years’ experience in a microfinance unit with proven track record of progressive growth in responsibilities. Responsible for evaluating the financial status of a loan applicant and authorize the approval of business, real estate, or credit loans.


  1. Meet with loan applicants to identify their needs and collect information for loan applications.
  2. Analyze active loan files on a regular basis and recommend solutions to speed up the loan process.
  3. Complete loan contracts and teach clients on policies and regulations.
  4. Interview applicants to define financial eligibility and establish debt payment plans.
  5. Monitor and update account records.
  6. Submit loan applications in a timely manner.
  7. Prepare detailed loan proposals.
  8. Reject loan applications and explain deficiencies to applicants.
  9. Respond to applicants’ questions and resolve any loan-related issues.
  10. Operate in compliance with laws and regulations.


  1. A minimum of bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business, or a related field is mostly preferred.
  2. 2 years’ experience in microfinance.
  3. Must have good knowledge of business-related subject that includes courses in business law, financial management, international finance, financial accounting and business strategy
  4. Must understand and follow standard accounting procedures.
  5. Must use financial and accounting software to analyze and interpret financial data.
  6. Good communication skills.