Showroom Manager

Vacancy Number: 21701
Location: Accra, Ghana
Date Posted: 12 May, 2023
Job Expires: 19 May, 2023

Our client in the retail industry is seeking to recruit a Showroom Manager to support the delivery and logistics function of the company to promote brand awareness and business continuity.


To lead the showroom management team including CSO and operations staff to meet monthly, quarterly, and yearly retail targets. The showroom manager is to support and process project and distributor sales and provide delivery services. The Showroom Manager activities also include sales planning and tracking, administration, and general management issues, which include supervision of sales staff (CSO’s, operations staff, loading boys), marketing and merchandizing, logistics, inventory, warehouse, and showroom operations, to ensure that the highest levels of customer service are given at all times.



  • Sales Target – The Showroom Manager is to ensure the monthly and yearly targets are achieved. At least 80% of the monthly targets given should be achieved.
  • Customer Service – including ensuring that customers are always extended the highest levels of customer service, to deal promptly with Customer complaints, to assists in responding to and dealing with customer communication by email, fax and telephone.
  • Brand Image – including maintaining the brand image to the highest standards, to ensure that the showroom and all displays are always neat and tidy to ensure that all window displays are executed on time and responsibility for display of all marketing items.
  • Promotion – The manager is required to perform and coordinate marketing activities including weekend and Holidays. Organize Exhibitions to promote the brand.
  • Social Media – Should create and promote the brand through social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, google, WhatsApp etc. and through traditional means such as television, radio, billboards, posters, flyers.


  • Process – Provide support by processing project and distributor orders by ensuring the correct goods with the right tonnage is printed.
  • Service – Follow up to ensure printed goods are delivered and on time.



  1. Daily Activities – Should follow the CSO confirmed and pending orders and process. To build relationships with clients and improve the number of customer visits.
  2. Visit Record – Monitor and update daily customer visit record and analyse the data to find potential sales growth.
  3. Daily Report – Ensure daily activities, daily sales report, weekly sales report and monthly reports are completed and sent to GM on time.
  4. Market Research – Weekly marketing research should be conducted on our competitors and information added to the weekly reports.
  5. Budget – implementing internal controls relating to financial and retail operations, and reviews and recommends revisions and improvements. Providing costs for showroom branding and management.


  1. Product Display – All products should be well and neatly displayed and price tags fixed properly with the right price, code and name. Monthly re-arrange the showroom display to have a new feeling.
  2. Promotion Materials – All items which include price tag, promotion, and advertising stand should be well labeled and strategically placed with the discount rates well placed.
  3. Staff Image – Ensure staff put on the official/corporate style for work. No wearing of slippers in the showroom. The hairstyle should be official/corporate (no colorful or long hair).
  4. Noise Control – Ensure staff do not make noise (laughing, loud music, fighting) in the showroom.
  5. Music – This should be played during working hours with soft classical music. Ensure music equipment is kept in good condition and always returned to the showroom before closing.
  6. Smell – Constantly ensure the showroom smells good with nice fragrance. The fragrance can be changed monthly or quarterly.
  7. Cleaning – Ensure the showroom and washrooms are always kept neat. Also, the generator, water tank, front of warehouse, front of showroom and surrounding areas are very neat from rubbish and weeds.
  8. Covid 19 Protocol – Ensure all staff and visitors have their mask on at all times within the showroom and office building and sanitizers placed at vantage points for easy access and use.
  9. Safety – Ensure the security of staff and the showroom is safe.
  10. Parking – Ensure the security assists visitors to park well at the front of the showroom. Also guide visitors to have easy access and exit from the showroom premises without delay.


  1. Stock Control – Plans and monitors the storage, delivery, and dispatch of orders, oversees stock control and processing orders.
  2. Request Control – Ensure the requested items from the factory are delivered accurately and on time and any break from factory should be reported and solved on time.
  3. Stock Checking – Keeping stock control systems up to date and involve in daily, weekly, and monthly stock taking, plans future capacity requirements and oversees various inventory items to determine what is selling, what is not selling, and which ones are selling out and need to be re-ordered.
  4. Equipment Maintenance – Oversees the maintenance of the generator, forklift and any other warehouse machinery and equipment.
  5. Warehouse Maintenance –
    1. Ensure there is no leakage of water into the warehouse.
    2. To also ensure the warehouse lights work and are well lit.
    3. To ensure small quantity broken tiles, open box and samples are neatly arranged.
  6. Safety –
    1. Fire extinguishers should be in place and replaced annually. Make sure there is no fire in and around the warehouse. The warehouse should be monitored diligently to ensure there is no theft of items.
    2. To ensure the warehouse is opened and closed with picture evidence sent to the operations group.
  7. Logistics – To assist in getting vehicles to help in the delivery of items purchased by retail clients. Also monitor trailer deliveries to ensure vehicles arrive on time, the exact quantity, offload on time and return exact pallets and belts.
  8. OTHERS – Perform other related duties as assigned by the GM.

Ability: Have the ability to analyze and judge, plan ability, decision-making ability, innovation ability and organizational coordination, cross-cultural and cross-language communication skills.

Personality: rigorous and stable, adhere to principles, serious and responsible, confidential awareness, able to withstand higher work pressure.


  1. Master’s Degree in sales, marketing, or any related field.
  2. Professional qualification/certificate is a plus.
  3. 5years+ of industry experience -3years experience in sales management of multinational corporation and 2 years’+ experience building material sales management position.
  4. Excellent Communication and Coordination ability.
  5. Fluent in English-speaking and writing.
  6. Knowledge of office software applications.