Storekeeper/Logistics Personnel

Vacancy Number: 21825
Location: Takoradi
Date Posted: 6 June, 2023
Job Expires: 16 June, 2023

Job Brief

Our client in the Construction of Commercial and Residential Properties is seeking to recruit a Storekeeper/Logistic Personnel with over 3 years’ experience in the logistics operations who will be responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of goods, materials, and information throughout the supply chain, from procurement to delivery, works closely with suppliers, transportation providers, warehouse personnel, and other relevant stakeholders to optimize efficiency and achieve operational goals.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and maintain the inventory of materials, equipment, and supplies for construction and property management projects.
  • Receive, inspect, and verify the quantity and quality of incoming goods, ensuring they match purchase orders and specifications.
  • Organize and maintain proper storage and shelving systems to facilitate efficient inventory management and retrieval.
  • Conduct regular physical stock counts to ensure accurate inventory levels and reconcile any discrepancies.
  • Prepare and maintain inventory records, including item descriptions, quantities, stock levels, and movements.
  • Coordinate with procurement team and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of required materials and supplies.
  • Plan and execute efficient logistics operations, including scheduling and coordinating transportation, to ensure on-time delivery of materials and equipment to construction sites and property locations.
  • Collaborate with project managers and site supervisors to forecast material requirements and ensure availability at the right time and place.
  • Implement and enforce proper inventory control procedures, including monitoring stock levels, expiration dates, and proper handling and storage of hazardous or sensitive materials.
  • Generate regular reports on inventory status, consumption rates, and logistics performance to facilitate decision-making and process improvements.

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor’s degree in logistics, supply chain management, or a related field (preferred).
  • 3+ proven experience in logistics operations, preferably in a supervisory or coordination role.
  • Proven experience in storekeeping, inventory control, or logistics, preferably within the real estate or construction industry.
  • Strong knowledge of inventory management principles, logistics processes, and supply chain best practices.
  • Proficient in using inventory management software and other relevant tools to track, manage, and analyze inventory data.
  • Ability to operate forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment safely and efficiently.
  • Excellent attention to detail and accuracy in performing inventory checks, receiving, and recording procedures.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with internal teams, suppliers, and contractors.
  • Physical stamina and ability to lift and move heavy items as required.
  • Knowledge of safety regulations and best practices related to warehousing and logistics operations.