Expatriate Relocation Assistance

We can assist you deploy your international assignees and workforce in Ghana through effective immigration planning and compliance services

Elidel Prestige as your local partner creates a seamless and positive experience for assignees and their families to integrate into Ghana’s environment. Our system is well-established structurally and coordinates to assist them with relocation solutions tailored to each client’s objectives and budget. We offer our clients holistic and integrated services that ensure synergy between our relocation and immigration services by minimizing client involvement, time and resources.

We work with a wide range of clients to support with both short and long-term relocation assistance for both the company and assignee. Our personalized service for each expatriate assists with host-country immigration, tax returns, payroll management and assistance in the compliance policies. Whatever challenges you face, wherever you face them, our extensive network of leading specialists will be there to help.

Immigration Support

We assist to deploy your international assignees and workforce in Ghana through effective immigration services to ensure compliance in-country. In an increasingly global marketplace, opportunities for your business can emerge anywhere. We recognize that your company needs to be in the right place at the right time.

We assist many multinational organizations with their immigration needs and ensure that the business and individual remain compliant with their immigration obligations at all times. We can assist with all aspects of immigration moves including operational and strategic advice.

Our Immigration support services include:

Protocol and Logistics Support

Elidel Prestige provides you with the necessary assistance for a hassle-free travel experience to Ghana. As the move of arrival and departure can be a time-consuming process, Elidel frees you from these struggles by catering for all your protocol and logistic needs. We promote a client-oriented approach consistent with regulations in the delivery of services to clients. Our logistics department is equipped with highly trained and experienced personnel who handle all logistics needs.

These services usually include: