Stakeholders & Community Engagement

Stakeholder Management and Community Engagement Services

It is our conviction as a manpower recruitment organization that your business or project success primarily depends on the quality of the stakeholders who interface with you, including your internal personnel. In other words, your capacity for success is incomplete without effective stakeholder management across the lifespan of your project or product.

Our in-depth understanding in supporting you to identify and maintain a healthy relationship with your stakeholders makes it easy for you to craft the best policy for your social investment and critical social interventions. One of our key goals is to support you to reduce to the barest minimum, negative impact that could arise on account of your project.

We have expertise in handling the following on your behalf:

Stakeholder Management

Community Engagement Services

EPL’s extensive work in communities across the country and the Western Region, the oil and gas hub of Ghana keeps its pulse on community sensitivities and sensibilities on issues of importance to players in the industry, including upstream operators and service providers.

Our tailor-measured advice helps you to build a clear business case for every social investment decision.

We work closely with you to create and maintain your social license in project-affected areas and to ensure the people/stakeholders have adequate opportunity to make an input in decisions that impact their lives and leave a lasting impression on society.

A critical area of our professional support is the sensitization of key stakeholders to keep them aligned to your project objectives and to get them socially and culturally involved from commencement through implementation to ensure its sustainability after you exit.