Immigration Support Services

We assist to deploy your international assignees and workforce in Ghana through effective immigration services to ensure compliance in-country

We provide immigration support to multinational organizations for business purposes and ensure compliance with immigration obligations for both the businesses and their employees. As your local partner, we strive to create a seamless and positive experience for assignees and their families as they integrate into Ghana’s environment. Our system is well-structured and offers tailored relocation solutions that align with each client’s objectives and budget.

We provide holistic and integrated services that minimize client involvement, time, and resources while maximizing synergy between our relocation and immigration services. With our experience in working with local regulators and immigration authorities, we possess valuable knowledge and insights that facilitate streamlined management of essential issues.

Principal services

Our services focus on achieving the short and long-term objectives of the individual and is established at the onset to facilitate obtaining the appropriate permission. Our team of qualified Immigration experts can assist clients with all aspects of immigration needs in Ghana. Our services cover, permit application assistance, documentation support, compliance management, Immigration advisory and Health examination. Our Immigration support services include:


Due to the urgency with most of our VOA applications we work closely with our clients to obtain the approved visa giving periodic updates. In order to be compliant, we ensure that the request meets the requirement of the Ghana Immigration Service, which includes but not limited to ensuring that the visitor’s travel is on a short notice or is from a country where Ghana has no mission or consulate. Our VOA process is completed within 3 working days.

Requirements for an Emergency Entry Permit/ (VOA)

An Emergency Entry Permit/ Visa is granted for a single entry only and must be used within fourteen (14) days from the date of issue. We aim at satisfying our clients and hence give them prudent advice on their travel plans to add value.

We provide quality support for visitors who wish to continue their visit beyond the period granted on arrival providing periodic updates. Our applications are submitted to the Director of Immigration to permit the extension request within 3 working days

Requirements for extension of Visitor’s Permit/Visa

If a foreigner arrived in Ghana with an Emergency Visa and wishes to extend his/her stay beyond the period granted, then a photocopy of the Emergency Visa should be added to the requirements.

Elidel provides exceptional services for expats who are currently in Ghana and wish to travel outside and return to the country. The process is completed within 3 working days.

Requirement for a Re-entry Visa

We are keen on compliance at every point of the process and we ensure a seamless process to obtain the work permit from the Ghana Immigration Service. We ensure that all work and rotator’s permit requirements are duly met, prior to submissions of applications of either fresh or renewal work permits. Hence, we scrutinize our various applications by;

Required Documents for Work Permit 

A foreigner who has been granted a Work Permit cannot start working immediately in Ghana unless that person is granted a Residence Permit by the Director of Immigration. Work permit should be obtained within 3 weeks

Required Documents for Rotator’s Permit

Application are urgent enough to be needed in 2 weeks. The permit is applied for only 6 months and have one renewable condition. EPL takes within 2 weeks to complete the process.

Renewal Applications: